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Milk and dairy-based ingredients are used as components of many food products. Their contributions consist of unique flavor, desirable texture, excellent nutritive value, and a widely accepted "natural" image. In many instances, the success of the product in the marketplace is significantly enhanced by incorporation of traditional functional ingredients familiar to the consumer. Thus, dairy ingredients provide a consumer friendly label on packaged foods.

For food developers, an understanding of the functional attributes of concentrated dairy ingredients provides an important tool to build desirable product characteristics in response to these consumer expectations. Dairy ingredients contribute important attributes to various food items. The contribution is effected through their major constituents: proteins, lactose, fat, minerals and vitamins. Depending on their level in a dairy ingredient, milk constituents would exert individual functional attributes, these include solubility, emulsification, gelation, water binding, whipping/foaming, viscosity, browning/color and flavor/aroma. This makes concentrated and dry milk ingredients invaluable as a tool for improving, stabilizing or changing the structural, textural or organoleptic properties of a diverse range of food systems.

Under our AMERIPRO® brand, Laktopol International offers a range of ingredients and customized solutions for a variety of applications in the food industry. We will assist you in making the best ingredient choice to create innovative, healthy and value-added products, with a wide range of possibilities of taste and texture.

Milk Based Ingredients »

Dry milk ingredients contribute nutritionally, functionally and economically, to a variety of food formulations including bakery, beverages, confectionery, dairy, meat / seafood and prepared foods. In dry form milk-based ingredients can provide the desirable attributes of nutrition, water binding, fat holding, emulsification, viscosity, gelation, and foaming, as well as textural and flavor attributes.

Whatever your application requires, we have the expertise and advanced resources to help you achieve your procurement demands.

Here are a few of the products we offer:
Milk Protein Concentrate

Whey Derivatives »

Whey is a co-product obtained during cheese or casein production. With the advent of new technology, whey and whey fractions have become highly valued and versatile food ingredient today.

Whey is an economical source of protein that provides a number of functional benefits in food applications. Whey products can improve texture, enhance flavor and color, emulsify and stabilize, improve flow properties, and dispersibility in dry mixes, help extend shelf life and exhibit a host of other properties that increase food product quality.

Organics »

Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.

Production of organic dairy products satisfies the increasing consumer demand for healthier products as well as a respect for the environment from which they were manufactured. Organic farming not only protects the environment but allows for the production of a healthier more nutrient dense product. In particular, dairy based products are free of pesticides, synthetic hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified ingredients.

Dairy based products produced in the United States are in accordance with USDA Organic Regulations and third-party certified.

Milkfat Concentrates »

Milkfat provides a unique aroma and flavor in many food product applications. More than 120 flavor compounds have been identified in butter alone and butterfat contains precursors that generate aroma and flavor compounds on heating, as observed during baking.

In addition to aroma and creamy flavor, milkfat has a characteristic mouth-feel and unique melting profile preferred in many food formulations. The physical properties of milkfat provide structure in chocolates and perceived richness in soups and sauces; prevent blooming in chocolates, cookies, and pastries; and contribute to aeration in cakes and frostings and tenderness of flake in bakery products.

The choice of milkfat concentrate depends on its role in the food product. Let us help you select the appropriate product for your application.

Cheese »

Cheeses are highly versatile ingredients that adapt well to many different food systems. In some applications the primary role is browning or melt, while in others it is used to contribute flavor, color or nutrients. Natural cheese may be best suited to some applications, while processed cheeses offer significant advantages to others. Based on performance objectives, specific cheese varieties and forms are selected to best deliver the desired product benefits.