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Speciality Products

Laktopol International is committed to working with our customers to provide high quality, innovative solutions and customized products to enhance their final product requirements. With our Specialty range of formulated ingredient systems and branded products we strive to meet the ever increasing demands for quality food products while providing economic savings. We focus on the needs and technical processes of our customers to create individually-adapted and highly functional product solutions made from dairy-based raw materials. The main areas of applications are grouped by the following brand categories:

Custom formulated products tailor made for bakery, confectionery, frozen desserts, cultured dairy, savory and prepared food applications.

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Our Dairyprep® brand category provides a broad portfolio of formulated products and specialty ingredients systems that can make significant improvements to existing food and beverage applications. Dairyprep® range of products can be tailor-made to address the specific needs of our customers. They can be formulated as complete food preparation bases and in industrial applications designed enhance flavor, provide texture and taste and meet nutritional labeling profiles while reducing manufacturing costs. This product line is intended to be reconstituted and efficient to use and store for the processor.

In order to fulfill specific customer requirements and to best realize product solutions, we offer formulation consulting and extend on-site support to meet the demands of our customers in the following areas:

Product Goals:
• Cost Control
• Labeling requirements
• Convenience in further processing
• Alternative and replacement solutions
• Integration of dairy and non-dairy components
• Regulatory Compliance
• Extended shelf life
• Consistency

Improving Functionality:
• Flow Properties
• Taste Control
• Texture properties: firmness, creaminess, overrun
• Controlled melting profile
• Healthier nutritional profiles
• Heat stability
• Dispersion
• Improving sensory properties
• Structure-defining compounds
• Color

Applications Categories:
• Bakery
• Confectionery
• Frozen Desserts
• Cultured and Fresh Dairy
• Savory
• Prepared Foods

Ingredient systems for the production of natural cheese varieties.

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PROLAC® is an ingredient system intended for use in the production of high moisture and fresh natural cheese varieties. This product is designed to facilitate greater process control and provide for enhanced curd formation during flocculation. The resultant micro structural properties of the protein matrix supports, higher moisture retention, firmer body, higher fat retention and excellent functionality. The final cheese product has improved attributes including texture, firmness, cohesiveness, oiling-off, melt flow, flavor, color and opacity. PROLAC® also contributes to an increased yield and reduced ingredient cost per pound of cheese without a negative effect on cheese quality, functionality or shelf-life.

Product Quality
• Increases fat recovery through improved emulsifying properties.
• No loss of shred or melt performance.
• Maintains freeze-thaw stability.
• Decreases opacity of cheese when melted.
• No detraction from cheese flavor.
• Low proteolytic activity increases shelf life.

Economic Benefit
• Efficient coagulation properties and high recoverable solids within the cheese aggregate.
• Substantial cost benefit compared to raw material costs.
• Additional cheese yield dilutes fixed plant overhead.

Production Efficiency
• Robust to suit various manufacturing methods.
• Provides for greater process control.
• pH neutral and reconstitutes easily.
• Contributes to higher moisture retention while maintaining cheese body and firmness.

• In accordance with cheese manufacturing regulations.
• Kosher approved.
• No non-milk protein allergens.

Formulated products for processed and imitation cheeses and cheese sauces.

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Laktopol International understands the foundations of any great performing cheese are functional ingredients delivering structure, consistency and texture to the final application. We also recognize the importance of efficient processing and the goal to standardize production while achieving the ideal body and flavor. In this process there are many complex formulations and unique processes specific to our customers and the equipment they use to produce their products.

Working intensively together with our customers we offer customized industrial preparations for the production of processed, analog and cheese sauce applications. Our offerings range from a variety of cheese-based products, formulated powders and fat-based ingredient systems.

These systems can provide various functionalities:
• Standardization
• Protein enrichment
• Texture development
• Solids substitution
• Flavor enhancement
• Melting characteristics